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 The Honorary Title

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PostSubject: The Honorary Title   Tue Oct 02, 2007 3:10 pm

Hi guys ! !

Ok , you won't see them on stage probably not before a certain time but still...
they're from NYC, and begin to be more and more well known on the east coast thanks to their charismatic leader Jared , and the multi instrumentaliste Aaron Kamstra. You just go through melody, pop song and alternative ..Very nice sound !! I really advice you ! between The Strokes (at their beginning) Panic! and Thirteen Senses...
Let me present you one of my favorite band, THE HONORATY TITLE !! They're amazing , they're phat, they're just rock !!

Please just have a look on their website or myspace...whatever if you like it, I'll send you some mp3.

Enjoy !

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The Honorary Title
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